Thursday, September 11, 2014


The tributes and remembrances of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 are not to incite violence, hate or fear towards any sect. This was not just an assault on America, but on everyone who believes in order, justice and freedom. These remembrances are to remind the world that depraved beliefs are an unfortunate reality and as much as the world strives towards respect and tolerance, we must also be prepared to battle hate and intolerance.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


The following is a letter to President Obama from Cody J. Carbone, a J.D./M.P.A. student at Syracuse University.

Dear Mr. President,

I wanted to write to you to express my current feelings and opinions on the current state of our newest adversary, ISIS, the “Islamic State of Iraq and Great Syria”. I am not an expert, nor will I portray one in this letter. I am just a student, concerned, nervous yet optimistic. I assume the latter will dissipate with old age, but there are a few things I am confident I do know.

I know you are not in the business of having Americans killed. I know you are in the hottest seat in the world. I know you believed you could achieve everything you promised back in 2008. I know you have tried. I know you care about our country, more than your score on the back nine. I know you know that we are the greatest country in the world. I know you know that we are being threatened.

Friday, September 5, 2014


The following is an editorial by David M. Huntwork

We exist in a vast sea of ignorance and lack of understanding in regards to history, politics, and ideology. Not to mention the implications of each upon our nation and civilization. Perhaps we should not be surprised that large segments of society can’t put the Civil War in the correct century or begin to find major countries on a map. There are entire political ideologies that rely on that mind-numbing, and sometimes frightening, misunderstanding and basic ignorance that a significant portion of society manifests as a source for their power and strength.

I find liberalism/progressivism to be little more than a mental poison, an ideological and philosophical cancer on society that is malicious and destructive to everything that it touches from the sanctity of human life, to the traditional family structure (the basic foundation of all civilization), to national security, to free enterprise and beyond. It is the bane of Western Civilization, the concept of personal liberty, and a threat to all I hold dear. And it too often shares the mentality (and dare I say even goals?) of some of the nastiest political philosophies that have ever marred the face of the planet. It must be opposed however and whenever it can.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


The following is an editorial by David M. Huntwork

For over two hundred and thirty years the American Republic has weathered wars, epidemics, hostile neighbors, worldwide conflicts, economic disasters, internal struggles, and competing ideologies. Its birth was a long and desperate struggle for independence against the strongest and most advanced military in the world.

In the War of 1812 its capitol was burned to the ground. It suffered the growing pains of expansionism against hostile natives as well as unfriendly claims and competition by Spain, France, Great Britain, and Mexico. It suffered through a tragic and horribly bloody civil war that helped to define the idea of federalism at the expense of states rights and ended once and for all the national shame of slavery. It endured the rigors of industrialization and eventually emerged as the most technologically advanced nation the world had ever seen.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


The following is an editorial by David M. Huntwork

In 2005 Gaza was unconditionally given to the Palestinians. They quickly handed it over to Hamas, made it a terror fortress, and smuggled in all the weapons of war that they could (which brought about a blockade). All efforts of peace since then have been met with "Massacre all the Jews!"

There is one very vital thing that must be said to all the Arabs of Palestine, as well as their supporters and defenders around the world. If you want to have peace and co-exist with Israel without war, violence, and death then stop voting in and supporting fundamentalists and extremists whose pastime is strapping bombs onto innocent women and children and launching rockets at Israel. And stop excusing such bloody actions when they occur.  Leave Israel alone and you will soon have both peace and harmony with the Jew. If you are a peaceful Muslim then you must reject murder and terrorism in the name of Allah. If you are rational Westerner, you must do the same. It's that simple.


The following is an editorial by Dillon Freed.

This is a radical suggestion, so let me be strident: I am unequivocally not endorsing it. I am merely thinking it out, that’s it. Others can game theorize the suggestion as they wish. And yes, I can easily see nearly all the possible, nasty consequences if the following I shall write about were to transpire. But I only put forth the positive case, that is, what good could possibly come of such, with but a brief mention of the downside. That’s the intent of this article.

What is this “such”? It is the acquiescence by the West, namely America, to the formation of an ‘official’ Terrorist State; a place with borders, an army with uniforms, a government with elected or at least identifiable leaders - in shorthand, a real nation.

That is exactly what ISIS and others are attempting to create in the Levant. What if the world lets them do it? Would there be any reason to welcome it? Maybe. Let me articulate it in a few ways.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


The following is an essay from Navy veteran Frank Villanueva.  Mr. Villanueva recounts his military transition experience and offers some insights for those in the process of transitioning from military to civilian life.

I joined the military at age 18, after quitting college and having no clue as to what to do with my life. I rose through the enlisted ranks fairly quick and spent most of my military years as a supervisor. After spending over twenty years in the US Navy, I felt that I had achieved a level of comfort and seniority to be considered a senior manager. I always tried to lead by motivating, inspiring, and setting the right example to my subordinates. In many ways, I considered myself a mentor. So, when the time came to retire, I did not foresee any obstacles.
When I retired from the military, I thought I could just "flip" the switch and make the transition. I soon learned that this was not easy and that I needed help making the adjustment. I read articles about ways to prepare for and apply to civilian jobs. I also enrolled in college. Eventually, I found a position on a military base. However, my goal had been to work for a Fortune 500 firm as a Program Manager.

Monday, February 17, 2014


The following is an editorial by James Hall

With Ben Bernanke's departure as Chairman of the  Federal Reserve the critiques of his tenure begin. The mainstream financial press is giving mostly favorable accounts. Heretofore, such praiseworthy acclamations strike a sharp contrast with the actual record of the state of the economy. However, the admirers of the Fed and his specific enactments live in a time warp that only "masters of the universe" encounter. For the remaining population, an intense struggle for survival is the actual experience, remembered from the Bernanke years.
Investopedia expresses a complimentary score of The Legacy Of Ben Bernanke, and cites distinguished highlights and concludes that, "Under Bernanke’s stewardship, the Fed became the most transparent it has ever been in its history."
Yet, they are compelled to mention that from 2008 onward, Bernanke and the Fed embarked on a series of unparalleled – and often unconventional – rescue programs and stimulus measures. These included:
  • Ratcheting interest rates down to the lowest levels in American history;
  • Force-feeding the U.S. economy with trillions of dollars through successive rounds of "quantitative easing";
  • Bailing out troubled Wall Street firms and institutions;
  • Orchestrating the rescue of other troubled financial institutions through shotgun weddings; and
  • Lending funds to diverse sectors of the U.S. economy to revive stalled credit markets.