Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canada Medical Procedures "Wait List": Shades of Things to Come under Obama/Pelosi Health Care Reform

On the "Ontario, Canada Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Wait List" site you can view by postal code, location and hospital the wait list for various medical procedures.

As an example on this site, for bone cancer surgery, the wait list is 84 days. That is a 3 month wait for bone cancer surgery! If the above Canada site is an example of ObamaCare, Obama/Pelosi will turn your medical circumstances, from a hangnail through cancer surgery, into a DMV "get in line" process regardless of the urgency of the medical condition.

Is this the "ask" of Obama/Pelosi to the American people? Is this the change Obama promised? Obama's SHARE messages are consistent: "Share the wealth, share the risk of death and the elderly should share the duty to die".

I previously posted on 7/18 and 7/25 the economic flaws in ObamaCare, but the above frightening changes Obama proposes for our health care is tantamount to systematic genocide to justify his specious economic arguments for his plan's long term health care cost reductions.

We must terminate this ObamaCare proposal with extreme prejudice if we cherish our health care.

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