Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrat's ObamaCare "Duty to Die" Health Care Reform Provision

The following is the Dems's ObamaCare's "Duty to Die" provision in their, as it were, health care reform bill. 

On pps. 425 and 426 of the House Health Care Reform bill all Social Security recipients will be required to report for counseling every 5 years where they will be encouraged to learn about and consider for themselves assisted suicide, refusal of advanced care, refusal of nutrition and encouragement of hospice care only with certain conditions. If a person is identified to have a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease and so on, then they will have to report every year for counseling about how to end their lives the quickest and cheapest way. Also, social security members and seriously ill folks will be forbidden to pay more out of their own pockets for extra treatments.

Cost savings, huh? Well I guess the Dem's ObamaCare definition of cost savings is to thin out the herd. Maybe the Dems aren't as thick as we think and did learn something when running against a formidable Alaskan opponent. At least they took some native Alaskan heritage custom and applied it to their health care bill; send the sick elderly out on an iceberg to die!

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