Friday, July 17, 2009

Freshman Democrats Rebelling Against Speaker Pelosi

Twenty-one freshman Democratic House members have signed a letter opposing their leadership's plan to raise taxes to finance a healthcare overhaul. The letter stated that the income surtax on the wealthy would place an undue burden on small businesses, some of which pay taxes in the same way as an individual.

It appears the young Dem turks are planning a coup d'etat against the old socialist guards such as Speaker Pelosi and House Majority Leader Harry Reid. Good for them. They have their political futures to consider and they don't like that horizon supporting Speaker Pelosi and ObamaCare's tax increase on U.S. small businesses, who are the backbone of the U.S. job creation economy.

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Unknown said...

Pres Obama has stated that his healthcare program will save money. It is budget neutral. The electronic health records alone will provide large savings and provide better care for future better health. Healthier people will need less not more health care.

There is no need to raise taxes for Obamacare. He has planned carefully for savings.