Thursday, July 23, 2009

Letter to SENATOR Boxer

Dear SENATOR Boxer:

Now that the Obama administration is in full swing and the Democrats are in control of the Senate you have your place in the sun, which is a double edged sword SENATOR. You have the power, but you also have the spotlight that highlights your true colors to the American people. After your appalling, disgraceful and ignorant treatment of Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh I didn’t think you could show your ignorance to be at greater depths. But your surpassed even my expectations by your racist and condescending treatment of Mr. Harry Alford.

However, I didn’t expect that even you could not possibly have the intelligence nor knowledge as a U.S. SENATOR to realize that the military address all woman as "Ma’am" out of respect. Are you that ignorant and hateful of our brave military or just insecure and guilt ridden that someone as ridiculous as yourself is actually a U.S. SENATOR and therefore needs constant reminding? Or both?

With respect to Mr. Harry Alford, well SENATOR, I think that brain infarction on your part IS your Waterloo. If that party of yours has any integrity whatsoever they will throw you out of the Senate on your little hate- America butt. You perfectly represented what everyone knows of radical liberals such as yourself; that they are all repressed bigots and racists such as yourself hiding behind a cloak of superficial sensitivity. A group that despicably plies and polarizes race relations to further their agendas. As Mr. Alford said "...You only like poor blacks...". How did you treat Secretary Condoleezza Rice again during her tenure? You redefine hypocrisy.

I am relieved not to be a resident of California where I would be embarrassed to have someone as yourself representing me. Hopefully the residents of California will come to their senses and sense of self-respect and petition for your resignation from the U.S. Senate. In a word you are a disgrace to this county and have no business representing the American people as a U.S. SENATOR.

You owe both of these gentlemen a public apology in a press conference if you have any desire to retain any level of self-respect or dignity, not as a U.S. SENATOR, but as a human being. But, then again, we don't see too many radical liberals such as yourself exhibiting much in the way of dignity or self-respect, do we?


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