Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Health Care Bill: President Obama Pushing Through Yet Through Another Major Bill in Record Time

President Obama & House Speaker Pelosi are pushing through Congress another agenda item to cost American taxpayers trillions over the next decade. Pelosi stated that the House of Representatives will introduce the administration's' health care reform bill on Tuesday 7/21 and have it out of the House by the end of July . That's 1 week for the House to review a bill that represents 18% of the nation's GDP!!! Separately, President Obama threatens to request the House to delay their August recess if the bill is NOT out of the House by the end of July.

These are major pieces of legislation with tremendous amounts of taxpayer dollars at stake and social ramifications for generations to come. One would think the President and the House Speaker would encourage more thoughtfulness in their proceedings, notwithstanding their personal social agendas. So much for President Obama's vow to "CHANGE" the way Washington politics works. To date he seems to be the worst offender of partisan bullying ever exhibited by a President. He is intent to further his, some would say, Socialist agenda and strike while he has the Congressional votes at the expense of bi-partisanship.

One would also think the President is fearful and lacks confidence that his economic policies will show failure as predicted and therefore is rushing forth his policies before that failure comes to light. That light is starting to shimmer with record federal deficits and 10% unemployment. At that point he will lose precious Democratic House and Senate votes.

Message to President Obama: this is our country, not your personal sandbox to experiment with and implement suspect and radical social policies you were weened on in Chicago. Please inhabit your sacred office with that in mind versus your selfish, aggrandizing behavior to date.

By the way, all Americans who have sacrificed for themselves and their families to be successful and make over $250,000/year will be paying for the administration's health care bill with increased income taxes along with all other Americans who will also pay for it through the cap-and -trade tax. In addition, the ramifications of this bill need you to prepare for a minimum of 6 to 8 week waits for needed surgery and loss of significant care for your loved ones who are elderly.

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