Friday, August 7, 2009

Left Paints Obama Policy Oppostion As Racist (Or Is It A Smokescreen?)

The source article has an excellent commentary by David Boaz of the Cato Institute on the charge of some on the left of "racism" for disagreeing with the Obama administration's policies. Boaz states in his article that
"... individualism, individual rights, property rights, “negative liberties,” and limited government date back hundreds, even thousands, of years. They find their roots in the Greek and Hebrew conceptions of the higher law, the Scholastic thinkers, the Levellers’ ideas of self-ownership and natural rights, the political theory of John Locke, the economic analysis of Adam Smith, and the political institutions of the American Founding".

Unfortunately the American public knew that those who opposed the policies of our first African-American President would be facing heated charges of racism. The challenge is two-fold, (1) critics need to continue to take our President to task when we disagree, as we have done with our previous 43 Presidents, and not succumb to or be intimidated by shouts or murmurs of "racist" by those who cannot adequately defend his policies ,and (2) President Obama's undying supporters need to prove to the American people that they can win the debate on his policies, not pull out the race card in the face of any disagreement.

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