Friday, August 14, 2009

Reagan on Socialized Medicine

I suggest you take 705 seconds out of your busy life to listen to Ronald Reagan's 1961 timeless address forewarning the inherent dangers of socialized medicine. This address by then actor Ronald Reagan is uncanny in it's relevance today to the dangers that lie ahead if the Obama administration is successful in enacting it's agenda for socialized health care.

President Reagan's references to American socialists is a history lesson in the socialist movement efforts in the 20th century to take control of the democratic party. What is most important about this address is President Reagan's call for action to write your representatives in Washington over and over again regardless of their position on socialized health care.

Given our time and commitment to our families and jobs we can't all actively participate in the Town Halls on health care reform. But we can take time to write our representatives. Heed President Reagan's advice and send the same letter to your representatives repeatedly and flood them with your strong opinions to vote "NO" to HR 3200 or any other version of socialized health care as proposed by the Obama administration.

Trust me, they will respond accordingly regardless of their party affiliation; they want to keep their jobs come November 2010. You have the power to control the destiny of this bill and, most importantly, the destiny of our country to protect and preserve it's values from the radical socialist and fascist agendas propagated by those in control of the White House and the Congress.

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