Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lanny Davis' 3 Golden Rules For Bloggers

Very good coaching from Lanny Davis for all bloggers when correcting errors in their posts. Lanny states the following:
"I write columns and post blogs regularly, and I’ve made my share of factual mistakes.

So I do not sit in judgment of someone who goofed. But if you make a factual mistake, there are certain rules of the road that responsible writers and bloggers should follow: (1) immediately correct the error as soon as you find out — and in the same publication; (2) if it was also a personal attack in any way, which turned out to be based on a false statement, then personally apologize — no ifs, ands or buts; and (3) learn a lesson for next time — be more careful."

Lanny brings up 2 instances of the same Daily Kos reporter who violated all 3 of Lanny's golden rules incorrectly impugning the character of Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper (TN). 

Lanny's bottom-line advice: "Check the facts first as best you can and then write or post — not the other way around." I would add check the facts and after you do that check the facts again and then write or post.

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