Monday, November 2, 2009

A Maxine Watershed Moment: Did She Almost Say the "S" Word?

Political Policy had to memorialize this moment in it's library.  U.S. Rep. "Slapsie Maxi" Waters, D-CA, pretty much speaks on behalf of her party and our President when she almost says the dreaded "S" word at a congressional hearing with the President of Shell Oil. One question I have is did Obama steal her stammer?
  • Health care bill, $1 trillion.
  • National debt, $12 trillion.
  • Maxine Waters putting her foot in her mouth, priceless.
There's some things even Barack Obama can't buy with our money.

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Matt said...

Fortunately for us, we're reading their playbook. Of course, their general level of stupidity only makes calling them out easier!