Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama's Eric Holder "Caught In A Trap" On Enemy Combatant Question

In the above video Sen. Lindsay Graham,R-SC , during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Obama Justice depts. decision to try the five 9/11 terrorists in a civilian trial, gave Obama's illustrious Attorney-General Eric Holder a real grilling on Capitol Hill. Holder could have made good use of his bosses teleprompter when answering Graham's questions.

Sen. Graham asked Holder to name one enemy combatant captured on a battlefield that was tried in a U.S. civil court. Holder, after a number of stammers and stutters, could not name one, and Graham pointed out that there are none. Graham accused Holder of "making bad history," and said "I think you've made a fundamental mistake here."

Graham also put Holder on the spot by asking him where he would try Osama bin Laden if he were captured. Holder, again reiterating his stammering and stuttering, responded "it would depend." Graham kept at Holder, asking whether bin Laden would be read "Miranda rights" if captured, to which Holder said he was not sure. Graham then said this is the problem with what you are doing, "You are criminalizing the war." He told Holder that if he is going to try enemy combatants as criminals in civilian court, then he has to give people like Osama bin Laden a lawyer and Miranda rights upon capture.

Holder was caught in the proverbial trap. It was a pathetic display on the part of Holder and Sen. Graham's loaded questions destroyed any creditability Holder has as to any noble prosecutorial efforts on behalf of the country. Holder was shown for what he is, i.e., another Obama lemming weak on national defense who puts political expediencies in front of U.S. national security.

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Unknown said...

This is very worrisome. We cannot just try what seems like a good idea, in this case trying war criminals in civilian courts without counting the "historic cost". This decision will affect this war and wars forever.