Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama & MessNBC In "Enemy" Camp: U.S. Military Academy

As you view the above video of the 3 MessNBC stooges (or, if you prefer, Harpo, Chico and Groucho and Maddow would be Groucho) Chris Matthews, aka Curley/ Harpo, shows his MessNBC hate-America colors. Matthews calls the U.S. Military Academy Obama's "enemy" camp, which was the venue that President Obama used to give his Afghanistan troop strategy address to the world. The U.S. Military Academy is the uni- symbol of America's military strength and this is how the far-left hate America crowd defines it, "the enemy camp". Could they be any more transparent in their disdain for America?

So the hate-America crowd is at it once again showing their colors with their ignorant slips of the tongue. Remember Obama's hate-America, sans teleprompter, slip up to Joe the Plumber when he said all Americans must "share the wealth'?

Of course Matthews back peddled the next day with a "I'm sorry I showed my colors" apology. I don't know about you, but I'm drained listening to the hate-America crowd continuously apologizing. First Obama's "Apologize for America" tours and now Matthews.

It's ironic that this Matthews instance can only be captured by what Ronald Reagan once said to former President Jimmy Carter, who rivals President Obama for the most incompetent President of all time, in a presidential debate; "there you go again".

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Matt said...

So, the enemy camp calls people that voluntarily defend out country an "enemy camp?"