Saturday, January 16, 2010

Martha "Cluster" Coakley Disses Massachusetts Catholics

With 72 hours left before the special senatorial election in Massachusetts Martha "Cluster" Coakley was at it again and she really has outdone herself with this one.

This time, instead of offending our brave troops in Afghanistan who have sacrificed and risk their lives by saying there are no more terrorists there or misspelling Massachusetts, she has now managed to offend approximately 39% of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, i.e., Catholics.

Ms. "Cluster" was interviewed by radio host Ken Pittman on WBSM about her thoughts on the "Provider Refusal Rule", which permits health-care providers, based on their conscience, to choose not to perform abortions or provide services such as contraception, blood transfusions, infertility treatment and family planning counseling. When Mr. Pittman probed Ms. Cluster about the rights of Catholics working in hospitals to refuse to administer contraception counselling under the law Ms. Cluster mumbled the following response,

"……uh, eh…um the law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room."

How many times do the poor Massachusetts voters have to listen to this embarrassing train wreck of a democratic candidate. Coakley is not only a mindless robotic Obamabot, but apparently has little regard for individual conscious and harbors deep resentment towards 39% of the commonwealth's citizens that are Catholic.

Ms. "Cluster" Coakley has a wonderful strategy for reducing the 9.3% unemployment rate in Massachusetts, "Quit your job at a hospital if you don't believe in abortion or contraception".
Massachusetts voters can do themselves and America a great deed by voting for Scott Brown as their next U.S. Senator. Scott Brown will bring desperately needed common sense leadership to both Massachusetts and America. Scott Brown has led the fight in Massachusetts against wasteful government spending and higher taxes. He is a free-market advocate who believes our strength as a nation flows from its people. He believes in a culture of family, patriotism and freedom.

As mentioned above, Massachusetts voters can do themselves and America a great deed by voting for Scott Brown as their next U.S. Senator on 1/19/2010.

By voting for Scott Brown on 1/19 the voters of Massachusetts can also do Martha Coakley a favor by putting her (and the rest of us) out of her misery.

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Matt said...

Well said. Coakley has hung herself pretty well, but it's still the "People's Republic of Massachusetts." Patriots out there need to be on the watch for voter fraud. The Dems will turn it up a notch to win this.