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ObamaCare Summit: An Impasse-able Meeting Of The Minds

President Obama held his oft promised televised health care summit at the Blair House on February 25, 2010 with members of both parties in the House and Senate. Ostensibly the objective of the President’s health care summit meeting was twofold; (1) have a meeting of the minds between both parties to move forward with bi-partisan health care reform legislation and (2) because he promised the American public eight times during his 2008 campaign that, "…we will work on this process publicly. It'll be on C-SPAN. It'll be streaming on the Internet” (better a year and a half late than never to deliver on that promise).

However the actual reason for President Obama to suddenly call this summit in the “spirit of bi-partisanship” is that, in the wake of Scott Brown’s Republican Senatorial victory in Massachusetts, he no longer has the opportunity to ram his grossly unpopular ObamaCare package through a supermajority Democratic Senate. So after losing the “race with the angel” with Scott Brown’s 2010 election, he fabricates this ObamaCare summit as a political ploy in an attempt to dupe the public into thinking he is actually “listening” to their concerns over his health care package.

Listening? The “summer of 2009” Tea Parties, anti-ObamaCare Town Hall rallies, polls consistently showing that the majority of Americans are not in favor (approx. 60% according to Rasmussen polls) of his ObamaCare package were not a loud enough message for this President to abandon ObamaCare and, as Republicans suggested, start over,? Even his own 2009 super majority Democratic House and Senate could not “agree to agree” on his ObamaCare proposal and allow him to sign it into legislation in 2009 before the “race with the angel”. In the face of anti-ObamaCare outcries he has continued to move forward with his unpopular agenda. If not a believer, just take a look at his 2010 deficit budget package of $3.8 trillion in spending, showing a deficit of $1.6 trillion. This is not a President that listens! Hopefully, the President’s own Federal Employees Health Benefits program has a provision for reimbursing hearing aids.

So how would one characterize the tenor of the ObamaCare summit? Do the words grandstanding, insolent, condescending and overbearing come to mind? As Republican attendees Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Eric Cantor (R-VA) dazzled the President with facts, the President dismissed their points with double-talk sarcasm. Rep. Ryan hoisted the President with his own petard by cornering him with his creative ObamaCare double accounting, which results in a $500 billion deficit in its first ten years and a $1.4 trillion deficit in its second ten years. See the following exchange between Rep. Ryan and our back peddling President, which drives home this point:

Rep. Cantor was condescendingly chastised by the President Obama for bringing to the summit the Democratic Senate’s 2,400 page bill and the President’s 11 page proposal. The President referred to it as a prop,
“…when we do prop like this, stack it up and you repeat 2,400 pages, et cetera, you know, the truth of the matter is -- is that health care's very complicated.”


So after the President reminded everyone that he didn’t want to actually SEE the mess he created, in his exchange with Rep. Cantor he resurfaced his “share the wealth” analogy with his proposal of a governmental controlled health insurance risk pool to include both healthy and unhealthy insured. After a frustrated Rep. Cantor informed the President for the umpteenth time that his ObamaCare plan is unaffordable, the President skirts the issue. Surprised? Since he ascended to the Presidency when has Mr. Obama ever thoughtfully considered American costs as he systematically bankrupts America with his proposals. See the exchange below, especially 10:20 into it when the President does his “share the wealth” dance on his governmental insurance pool proposal.

Towards the end (13:05) of the Cantor-Obama exchange Vice-President Biden actually had a lucid moment and made a point that sums up the impasse between the Obama left-wing faction of Congress and the Republicans and the American people. The Vice-President remarked that,
"…the question is how far to go. So ... you're either in or you're out. (Either) the government can't do it -- none of it -- or they can do some."

Exactly. The Republicans and the American people have long ago recognized that the government “can’t do it” and are “out”. But, again, this is a President and Democratic Congress that is hearing impaired and refuses to listen. Taking the Vice-President’s remarks one question further, why would the American people respond by saying the government “can’t do it”?

It is not as though Republicans and the American people do not believe in holistic health care reform as to care and cost. But they want this achieved through private sector, free-enterprise health insurance purchasing opportunities sold across state lines, with limited government oversight, that affords them personal choices as to cost and coverage. Republicans and Americans are seeking meaningful medical malpractice tort reform which in turn would reduce defensive medicine practices and their overall health insurance premiums. And Republicans and Americans want the Federal government to return to them their freedoms and prosperity, not imposing more governmental control over their lives while bankrupting them in the process.

When it comes to health care reform the Republicans are not the party of “no”; that handle is written all over the Democratic Congress. Republicans have put forth 31 measures for meaningful health care reform that have all been summarily killed by the hearing impaired Democratic leadership in the name of obstructionism, to serve their special interests and socialistic agenda for America.

It is plain to see that President Obama went into his summit with a foregone conclusion that his ObamaCare package will be passed as is come hell or high water and damn the 2010 elections. The latest development is that Democratic led Senate will “force feed” ObamaCare on America by using reconciliation, aka the nuclear option, which requires only a 51 majority vote to pass the ObamaCare bill. The Hill reports that,
“President Barack Obama closed Wednesday’s healthcare summit by stating his willingness to use controversial rules to pass healthcare with a simple majority vote. “We cannot have another yearlong debate about this,” Obama said. “When it comes to the most contentious issue, I'm not sure we can bridge the gap”.

The Hill also reports that Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), an attendee at the summit, said,
“I think one of the results of today’s meeting is that the American people fully understand that this bill needs to go forward with a majority,” Waxman said. “I don’t think too many people are going to quibble if it involves reconciliation.”

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must have many Democrats who are up for re-election in November this year grabbing their collective chests with her latest bomb. According to the Speaker she personally doesn’t care about the 2010 election results as long as her left-wing, socialist Democratic party passes ObamaCare and imposes more government control, cost and waste on the American people. After the ObamaCare summit Pelosi said the following,
"We're not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress," she said. "We're here to do the job for the American people.”

Perhaps the Speaker meant to say “…do the job ON the American people”.
All in all President Obama’s health care summit was nothing more than one of his grand taxpayer funded photo-ops not worth the used napkins at the lunch breaks.
  • the Republicans have offered health care solutions to the President, House and Senate leadership that are dismissed out of hand,
  • the American people have offered their voice of opposition to ObamaCare through Tea Parties, Town Halls, New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts Republican victories,
  • the Congressional Budget Office has scored ObamaCare as a long-term deficit ridden disaster,
  • and public policy health care experts have stated emphatically that ObamaCare will result in more costs, less options and reduced care.

President Obama and his Democratic Congressional leadership’s response are to ignore and dismiss those messages and selfishly progress along their disconnected path towards socializing America.

President Obama’s health care summit was the final recognition that America and his agenda are at an impasse that cannot be bridged. But this deep philosophical divide between President Obama and his Democratic Congress and that of the American people will be resolved come this year’s November elections. To that point there was one comment made by the President as he wound up his summit that was agreed by all,
“…that's what elections are for”.

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Well said, and it's true. This is what elections are for. November is coming.