Saturday, March 20, 2010

ObamaCare Scary Movie: 'Hoax & Quotas'

So how much does the American public really know about this 2,100, uh 2,400, uh 2,700 page ObamaCare disaster? The typical response varies from “complicated”, “vague”, “scary”, “increases premiums”, “nobody in Congress has been able to explain it (including the President)”, “government control”, “reduces my benefits”, and, the number one response is “what the heck does health care reform have to do with me getting a job?”

But we are not alone. In her inimical “Gracie Allen” manner Speaker Pelosi speaking at the 2010 Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties admitted as much by saying, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”. Our tax dollars at work indeed. But if you read below even Speaker “Gracie Allen” knows of one item in the social engineering ObamaCare House bill version that will turn you on your ear.

Any and all House, Senate or White House versions of ObamaCare are so confusing, confounding and unhealthy for America that not even the Obama Democratic supermajority in the House and Senate could or would read any versions of them explain them or defend them. And now they refuse to even VOTE for them. THANK YOU MR. OBAMA, MRS. PELOSI AND MR. REID FOR THE CARNAGE THE REPUBLICANS WILL HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER NOVEMBER.

Yes, this ObamaMess is such a disaster that the Democrats in the House are looking for every congressional parliamentary trick in Robert's Rules of Order. So for more insight into the opaque Obama presidency’s parliamentary parlor tricks check out this Washington Post cite where Ezra Klein gallantly attempts to explain our illustrious Democratic leaderships sleight of hand to avoid being on record that they voted for ObamaClusterCare. Also read Sen. Orrin Hatch’s commentary on the Democrat’s abuse of the public’s trust by using reconciliation to avoid voting on the mess they created and , in the process, shoving this mess down the public’s throat.

So today as we draw closer closer to facing the frightening thought that our health care and 1/6 of our economy will be in the incompetent hands of Obama, Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid the following is a key morsel of information on this defecation on the American public widely known as ObamaCare. Mona Charen writes in the National Review that the Pelosi version of ObamaCare has a provision that has several sections that mandate racial and ethnic quotas for medical schools and other federal contractors. The bill specifies that the Secretary of Health and Human Services,
"in awarding grants or contracts under this section . . . shall give preference to entities that have a demonstrated record of . . . training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

This scary movie called ObamaCare has so many twists and turns in it that it makes ”The Exorcist” seem like a Disney flick.

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Matt said...

I thought I knew the left; all of their tricks, their deceit, and so on. This even shocks me. It's astounding. But there will be no time to relax or reflect. There will be work to be done, and lots of it.