Saturday, May 29, 2010


While President Obama took care of attacking America and Arizona at home with his joint insults in the Rose Garden with his pal Mexican President Felipe Calderon, his minions were taking the administration’s “Attack on America” tour to China. Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, in a two day delegation meeting on human rights with China in Beijing, admitted that he proactively apologized “early and often” for Arizona immigration law SB1070, and characterized the law,
"as an example of a trouble spot Americans need to work on. It was mentioned in the first session, and as a troubling trend in our society and an indication that we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination, and that these are issues very much being debated in our own society."
So who is Michael Posner and why would he state such inanity? Before receiving his appointment to the State department, Posner just happened to be the founding Executive Director of a group called Human Rights First. HRF is an organization that, according to its website, has "... earned a reputation for leadership in the areas of refugee protection, advancing a rights-based approach to national security, challenging crimes against humanity, and combating discrimination." Translation: OPEN AMERICAN BORDERS
What Posner and Human Rights First actually is was well documented by Mark Tapscott in the Washington Examiner. It is an Obama-like attack America group that fits very nicely into the hate-America Obama administration,
“Like President Obama, Posner is a product of the New Left generation that came to prominence in the Sixties and has since dominated the campuses and nonprofit activism. Their perspectives have also shaped many of the major narratives of Hollywood and the mainstream media. Posner spent many years as executive director of Human Rights First from its founding in 1978 and later as its president, in the process building a prototypical leftist nonprofit that never misses an opportunity to bash the U.S. human rights record. Typical was the Posner-led "Stop the Torture" effort that saw only Abu Ghraib, with nary a word about the horrors practiced daily by regimes like Castro's Cuba, Iran's Imanutjob, or the North Korean butcher, Kim Jong Il.”
Michelle Malkin characterizes Posner’s Human Rights First as a “Blame America First” group. A group that represents the textbook State Department mindset of pandering to the worst America-bashers without hesitation or shame. Discover the Networks describes Posner’s Human Rights First as open-borders proponent for illegal immigration,
HRF is an open borders group that opposes government efforts to control illegal immigration and strengthen American national security. In the 1980s, Posner worked with the late Arthur Helton to gain asylum for 2,000 Haitian immigrants who had stormed U.S. shores in 1982. (Helton established the Forced Migration Project for Soros’s OSI). There was subsequently a dramatic rise in Haitian gang-related crime in the 1980s.”
Posner’s attack on America then comes as no surprise since his resume is “fit for purpose” for the Obama administration’s attitudinal disdain for America. Posner's attacks on America’s Grand Canyon state takes on new hate-American heights from the Obama administration. Posner criticizes the Arizona immigration law, which ONLY requires adherence to the U.S. federal law, to a Chinese delegation that harbors one of the worst human rights practices on the planet. One can only think that this hate-America presidential administration will leave no quarter when it comes to attacking America. This must be the case since Posner obviously feels very comfortable attacking America to the Chinese, a nation that advances the following human rights violations as reported by Human Rights Watch’s 2008 “Summary of China Rights Developments”,
“the Chinese government continues to deny or restrict its citizens’ fundamental rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of religion. The government’s extensive police and state security apparatus continues to impose multiple layers of controls on civil society activists, critics, and protesters. Those layers include professional and administrative measures, limitations on foreign travel and domestic movement, monitoring (covert or overt) of internet and phone communications, abduction and confinement incommunicado, and unofficial house arrests. A variety of vaguely defined crimes including “inciting subversion,” “leaking state secrets,” and “disrupting social order” provide the government with wide legal remit to stifle
A very "patriotic"comparison of human rights violations between China and the U.S. that Posner brought to the table, don't you think?--China’s total infringement on human rights and Arizona enforcing U.S. federal law.
One wonders what will be the next insipid insult to America from the hate-America Obama administration. Hillary Clinton saying that U.S. tax policy is abhorrent and should be more like socialist Brazil? Oh wait, she already did say that.

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