Tuesday, June 1, 2010


President Obama brought Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón into America’s House to preach and lecture Americans on our indiscretions when it comes to human rights and nondiscrimination in the wake of Arizona’s immigration law SB1070. And, of course, President Obama, our fearless leader and defender of America, sat by idly as his “guest” ripped into American values. Mr. Obama must have been too busy thinking how much fun he was going to have at the taxpayer-funded White House state dinner later that evening in honor of the America-bashing Calderón. No surprise here.

But as I was listening to Calderón chastise us in America’s White House and Capitol I was wondering if President Calderón was actually auditioning a stand-up comedy routine for “America’s Got Talent”. He certainly had a world stage to show his wares. Let’s be honest, given Mexico’s abysmal record on crime, drug trafficking and the Mexican constitution’s horrid rendering of illegal immigrants, President Calderón couldn’t possibly be serious as he pontificates on human rights. No one in their right mind could possibly take him serious. Well, perhaps some folks not quite in their "right" mind could possibly take him serious. Are you there left-wing media?

Even so, I was also wondering why the Obama regime-controlled “polluted media” didn't seem to do much critical reporting on the Calderón joke fest. This is very odd given the treatment of journalists and freedom of speech in Mexico. Yes, journalists! Not only are illegals persecuted in Mexico, but also Mexican journalists. In fact on May 18, 2010, the day before Felipe “the joke machine” Calderón was to deliver his stand-up routine in D.C. in front of his inviters and favorite audience, Barack Obama and the progressive/socialist democratic party in Congress, the “Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) issued a statement to Presidents Obama and Calderón calling on them to advocate for reforms that will strengthen federal accountability for crimes against freedom of expression in Mexico. The CPJ statement reports out the following,

“The level of violence against journalists in Mexico has become an international concern and must be included as part of bilateral discussions,” said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. “While it is up to the Mexican government to address this problem, President Obama should make clear that the U.S. has deep concern about the situation and considers it a priority. Since Calderón took office in December 2006, 20 journalists have been killed in Mexico, at least five in direct reprisal for their work. The situation has been particularly alarming in those areas where powerful drug cartels fight for dominance. The dangerous climate is fostered by a culture of impunity in which 90 percent of deadly anti-press crimes go unsolved, CPJ research shows. Four journalists have been killed so far in 2010.”

Good Lord, even al jazeera is covering Mexican atrocities on journalists. al jazeera’s Rhodri Davies did coverage investigating missing and murdered persons in Mexico working in the media. Davis reports that,

“Mike O'Connor, a consultant in Mexico for the Committee to Protect Journalists, believes that members of the media can come under greater threat than the average Mexican because of the journalistic work they do. He says there are varied reasons: because journalists are investigating local criminal groups, or governments; reporters refuse to collaborate with criminals or officials; or, corrupt reporters displease those people they are collaborating with. However, O'Connor stressed that unlike most Western nations, journalism in Mexico is not considered a sacred institution and has little public defence, especially in the provinces.”

Curiously during Mr. Calderón’s visit there was not a whimper on the mistreatment and dangers journalists face each day in Calderón’s “humane” Mexico from the Obama regime-controlled media. Not from Keith Olbergirl, “Rabid” Maddow, Chris “Tingle” Matthews or any of the other Obama kool-aid media. Very curious indeed.

Nontheless, the next time Mr. Obama wants to bring someone to America to speak at OUR Rose Garden and OUR Capitol Hill on human rights, I suggest he not sully and insult our hallowed grounds with the likes of hypocritical human rights offenders such as Felipe Calderón just to curry political favor with his Hispanic base. Mr. Obama, a word to the wise, America does not take very kindly to such affronts.

I am wondering one more thing. I’m wondering if President Calderón is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and roasts.

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Matt said...

I see that the Mexican president has little room to argue civil rights.