Monday, June 28, 2010


Now that General Stanley McChrystal has been relieved of his command as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan due to his honest, frank, but unprofessional, remarks to a Rolling Stone magazine reporter regarding the Obama administration’s management of the Afghanistan war, President Obama has turned to General David Petraeus, General McChrystal’s boss, for help to take over command of the Afghanistan war.

An interesting choice for the President given his past disrespectful and insulting treatment of General Petraeus when he served in the Senate. When General Petraeus was the top commander in Iraq leading the implementation of President George W. Bush’s 2007 Iraq surge, then Senator Barack Obama from Illinois was quite critical and disrespectful of General Petraeus’ efforts in Iraq saying “the surge has not worked”.

In fact, the Obama administration entire leadership said as much. Vice-President Joe Biden said “I believe the president's strategy (surge) is not a solution. I believe it's a tragic mistake”. And then Senator Hillary Clinton, in a response to General Petraeus' report before Congress, fundamentally called General Petraeus a “liar” by saying she had to “suspend disbelief” (see video). Of course let us not forget that other great progressive/socialist patriot Senate Majority leader Harry Reid’s encouragement for our military’s effort in Afghanistan when he said, “the war is lost”!

Of course, they were all quick to take credit for the Bush-Petraeus surge success after the fact. Suddenly it's a success of the Obama administration according to Joe Biden. Interesting, and galling, how these progressive/socialist military geniuses running our White House insult the American public, the military and former President Bush by claiming credit for a military strategy that they collectively ridiculed. Blame Bush for everything from not enough half & half for the White House morning coffee to the economy, but have the insolence to co-opt credit for his successes without any shame whatsoever.

The "Chicago-Way" thug politics has settled in nicely in D.C. Obama, Biden, Reid and Hillary Clinton, these titans of military strategy, now have come pleading to General Petraeus to bail them out for their mismanagement and incompetent handling of the Afghanistan war since they took office. You see they haven’t paid much attention to the Afghanistan effort over the last eighteen months since they have been very busy during that period.

Busy enacting socialist legislation to take away individual freedoms such as nationalizing the health, banking, financial services and automotive industries, passing laws to dictate executive compensation, providing terrorists with Miranda rights, suing Arizona over obeying the immigration rule of law, and basically bankrupting the country into a socialist welfare state. Yes, they have been regular beavers when it comes to dismantling the fabric of America, which has distracted them from that little skirmish over in Afghanistan that involves fighting terrorism abroad to keep us safe on our shores. Well, at least the shores that will remain after this administration’s blundering of the Gulf oil spill.

Maybe all for the better since we don’t want this administration to get their incompetent progressive/socialist hands into very much, especially when it comes to military defense policies. This is certainly not an area that democrats have ever expressed much in the way of interest, resolve, knowledge and capability. Typically your run of the mill progressive/socialist, such as Obama et alia, have disdain for the military and use them as a political football when it serves their purposes, right Ma'am, excuse me, "Senator" (hopefully not for long) Boxer. Beyond that, they don’t see the “what’s in it for me” to support our military strategically, financially or respectfully to protect American interests (unless, of course, when they wish to take credit for something they had nothing to do with like the Bush-Petraeus surge success). Remember, according to President Obama, America isn’t exactly very exceptional anyway.

Well, the progressive/socialist Obama administration crew has recently found another “WIIFM” moment. Now they need General David Petraeus, the general they mocked, ridiculed, character assassinated and generally insulted about the Iraq surge, and then took credit for it's success, to bail them out of their incompetent prosecution of the Afghanistan war.

Mr. Obama, in the parlance of Texas hold 'em you are holding a 1-7, the worst hand, and General Petraeus, your third commander in Afghanistan, is holding Ace-Ace. So Mr. President you might do well to start paying some attention to the Afghan war, listen to General David Petraeus and give one of your handy-dandy teleprompted speeches that undoes your pathetic dithering, “aid-the-enemy” West Point speech about military troop drawdown starting in July, 2011. Because, Mr. President, you are running out of Daves.

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Matt said...

Good points. Their hypocrisy is on display. Unfortunately, the MSM will ignore it.