Sunday, June 27, 2010


Mr. Obama has really stepped up his administration’s policy on protecting Americans from the crimes associated with illegal immigration. What has President Obama done besides (1) pitting state against state with the California boycott of Arizona, (2) showcasing his "crack" Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano and Attorney-General Eric Holder's ignorance of the Arizona illegal immigration legislation, and (3) threatening to sue Arizona for merely enforcing the federal law? He put up a real, scary sign in the Arizona desert, just 30 miles from Phoenix, which says, “Travel Caution: Smuggling and Illegal Immigration May Be Encountered In This Area”.

Aside from insulting the people of Arizona, intimidating tourism and frustrating the economy of Arizona, this is how Mr. Obama shows how he is making the Arizona-Mexico border safe? A sign? Instead of Mr. Obama defending the rule of law and endeavoring to protect American citizens and it's economy, he slaps them in the face with lawsuits simply because they expect the federal law to be supported by our President and then insults us by shoving a sign in the dirt.

This, as with his do nothing policy with the Gulf oil spill, is how our “all talk, do nothing” President solves problems--signs and lawyers. Perhaps Mr. Obama should finally put some of his Justice dept. lawyers to work and stick them in the Arizona desert with a sign. In fact, maybe he should actually do something helpful for America and choose between sticking himself in the Arizona dirt or in the Gulf oil leak.

Now that would be change we could all believe in!

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