Monday, October 18, 2010


Sharron Angle
Sean Bielat
Carly Fiorina

The late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill was famous for saying, “All politics is local”, summarizing his principle that a politician's success is directly tied to understanding the issues of his local constituents. The former Speaker’s insight is still relevant, but the largess of the constituencies for the candidates running in the 2010 mid-terms is now national, not just local. Due to the policies of White House and congressional leadership, a meager 44% of Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance and a trifle 20% or so approve of congress’ performance, as led by the progressive/socialists. The hue and cry in each and every state and congressional district is directed at the national condition of America, not merely at the local levels.

The 2010 mid-term elections have "un-silenced" America’s silent majority of American traditionalists unlike any other time in America. They have been resiliently energized by reaction to the overt progressive/socialist agenda of the President and the current congressional leadership. A leadership whose strategic mission is to ignore the rights inherently expressed in U.S. constitution and convert America into a European-style social democratic welfare state. A leadership that congruently implements their mission through corrupt and unconstitutional legislative tactics. Tactics employed to systematically dismantle and destroy the American economy, its free-enterprise system and American principles of individual freedoms, choices and values to satisfy their vision of America as a collectivist world state.

The public outrage over the current presidential and congressional leadership is not limited to their mission to compromise freedoms and convert America to a social democratic welfare state. Gallup’s dashboard of indices for quality of life issues such as employment and workforce, economic and job market opportunities, consumer spending, standards of living, health, life evaluation and mood are all depressed due to existing White House and congressional progressive/socialist policies and their effect on Americans .

Given this well deserved blowback to the White House and congress, as we amble into the twilight of the 2010 mid-term election season certain races signify an American awakening. An awakening where Americans now have the opportunity to send a clear message to a progressive/socialist movement. A movement that has fulfilled its desire to hold hostage the reins of our system of government. A movement hell-bent on rearranging America into a statist, socialist environment devoid of freedoms and liberties in order to satisfy an ideological collectivist worldview.

This awakening creates choices. A choice between accepting more punishment from the existing progressive/socialist leadership in congress or a fresh start of new leaders. Leaders who respect the tenants of the Constitution and the will of the people, not the wont of a socialist state.

I have identified three such races that represent awakening choices for the American people that will define this fall’s election season. Sharron Angle (GOP U.S. Senate candidate, Nevada), Sean Bielat (GOP congressional candidate in the 4th congressional district, Massachusetts) and Carly Fiorina (GOP U.S. Senate candidate, California) are the GOP candidates in the flagship races in America. This honor is not bequeathed to them solely by the admirable quality of their character, candidacy, policy stances and personal accomplishments. Their races are significant due to the nature of their opponents.

Their opponents are Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Barbara Boxer, respectively. These three individuals collectively represent almost 100 years of progressive/socialist legislating in the American congress. Reid, Frank and Boxer, taken together, symbolize what is wrong in our congressional legislature. Their presence in congress is symbolic of the progressive/socialist legislative movement that has done untoward damage to the fabric of America and gives Americans cause to send a clear message to this movement by removing them from public office on November 2, 2010.

Each of these three incumbents has a permanent birthmark representing their rabid progressive/socialist initiatives. Reid’s push for unconstitutional ObamaCare, Frank who is almost singularly responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis due to his efforts to socially engineer the banking industry, and Boxer’s collectivist, tax laden and over the top consumer increases for her cap and trade agenda are their career highlights, and America’s low points. Reid, Frank and Boxer have never seen a tax increase, a tort lawyer, a red tape ridden government regulation or an entitlement program they didn’t like. Conversely they would not recognize the U.S. constitution and its merits if it were shoved up their socialist snozzes.

The contrast between the tired, old, socialist legislative malfeasance of Reid, Frank and Boxer and the merits of Angle, Bielat and Fiorina are startling. Angle, Bielat and Fiorina have, amongst themselves, led and operated in the corporate world. They fully understand the benefits afforded the U.S. and global economies if American businesses are permitted to operate with limited governmental bureaucratic interference allowing business operations to expand and, in turn, create wealth opportunities, economies and jobs. Sean Bielat, Frank’s opponent, has not only led in the corporate world but as an officer in the U.S. Marines.

The awakening has happened, the choices are clear and populous of Nevada, California and the 4th congressional district of Massachusetts have top billing in the mid-term political theatre. The elections of Sharron Angle, Sean Bielat and Carly Fiorina will be the turning point to submerge the progressive/socialist movement that has ravaged America and congress. The Angle, Bielat and Fiorina victories will be the memo to the progressive/socialist movement that their time has come and gone because, to quote the leader of the progressive/socialist movement President Barack Hussein Obama, “that’s what elections are for”.

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Matt said...

Very well said sir. We'll see if we win, especially in the highly contested races.