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It is now nine days until mid-term election day November 2, 2010, and Delawareans have as much time to mull over their senatorial race question. A question whose answer will affect their lives and the lives of the national citizenry. And that question is, “are you Christine O’Donnell or are you Chris Coons? The question turns on candidate identification.

Delawareans must reflect on how much they identify with someone who is not perfect, who is flawed, and who admittedly made mistakes and has been publicly admonished for them. At the same time they must reflect on whether they respect that person’s character, courage and conviction to address those attacks head on and continue to fight in the face of such adversity for their constitutional beliefs and those of others they wish to represent in Washington. Someone who continues to fight for those beliefs without the support of the media, the political establishment that represents their party and in the face of daunting poll numbers .

Have we all not experienced being Christine O’Donnell once or twice in our personal or professional lives? Asking those who stare down at us with hypocritical superiority to look beyond our past errors to see our strengths. Well, that is the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell and that is the type of person that the public outcry has been craving for in its representatives-- honesty, contriteness, conviction and tenacity. Delawareans now have the golden opportunity to make good on that requirement on November 2, 2010 at the voting booth.

Christine O’Donnell already answered this question in her 30 second TV ad that followed on the heels of her admission in 1999 on national television that as a high-school student she had a fleeting fascination with witchcraft. Of course, none of us would ever want to admit or make public our adolescent foibles, such as Miss O’Donnell’s opponent Chris Coons publicly claiming to his college graduating class that he is now a “bearded Marxist”. We all understand Mr. Coons that your admission was simply the rantings of an idealistic, wide-eyed 21 year old, correct? In fact, your claim is quite similar to Miss O’Donnell’s in that Marxism is akin to political witchery, i.e., a pagan-based political ideology that is so ridiculous that its application was never even attempted by the soviets. The only difference Mr. Coons is that one is challenged to know historically how America’s best interests would be compromised by witchcraft. I may be stretching it a bit Mr. Coons, but Marxism doesn’t appear to be as benign a threat as witchcraft is to American values, traditions and economic success.

Unlike the state-controlled liberal media that continues to waste the public narrative harping on Miss O’Donnell’s high-school dalliances with witchcraft, one might be tempted to cut Mr. Coons some slack on his college comment. That is, however, until we uncover Mr. Coons’ voting record and policy stances. Then perhaps one could surmise his college allegiance to Marxism was truly an epiphanic moment. Coons’ voting record of exponentially increasing a multitude of local Delaware taxes year in and year out as the New Castle county executive and his national ideologies that align singularly to his master, Sen. Harry Reid, give us pause to dismiss his Marxist moment as a regrettable faux pas. In addition, I’m sure that Mr. Coons, if elected, will be on a short leash to carry the mantle for Sen. Reid’s national progressive/socialist policies that have submerged America into one of its darkest socio, political and economic ages. Sen. Reid did praise Mr. Coons as his favorite pet so I imagine he trained him well in his “fetching” skills.

Politics is a blood sport and Miss O’Donnell has shown to be a fierce fighter and counter puncher. A trait that will serve Delawareans well in representing their best interests if they elect her to the senate. She has absorbed the media punches better than James Braddock did against Max Baer. Her past peccadilloes, unlike Mr. Coons’, have been transparently communicated by the state-controlled liberal media with an addictive paranoid vengeance unseen since they marched their pathetic storm troopers to Alaska to gin up controversy over Sarah Palin’s vice-president candidacy. Miss O’Donnell has come clean on national television and her website to clarify and explain her past challenges around housing, campaign and undergraduate degree finances. But the state-controlled liberal media has given Mr. Coons a free pass on his atrocious tax crazed policies on Delawareans, his family ties to gaining windfall financial fortunes by enacting cap and trade policies and his allegiance to the malfeasant public policies of Sen. Harry Reid.

Miss O’Donnell has also done her level best to fight her battle with the state-controlled liberal media’s biased attacks after her recent debate with Mr. Coons regarding her distinction between the concept of separation of church and state, the Constitution’s first amendment language and the teaching of creationism in public schools. Miss O’Donnell had an absolutely fair question to Mr. Coons during the debate. She challenged him to prove his claim that the Constitution technically states “separation of church and state” and its preclusion to teach creationism in public schools. Her argument was that the first amendment's Establishment clause does not contain such “separation” language whatsoever nor is it expressed anywhere else within the Constitution.
The concept of “separation of church and state” and the preclusion to teaching creationism in public schools are Supreme Court adjudicated doctrines. They are doctrinal laws of the land, for better or for worse. But they are not, as Mr. Coons incorrectly said in the debate, expressly mentioned whatsoever within the Constitution. The liberal media conveniently failed to report that Mr. Coons responded incorrectly to Miss O’Donnell by saying that they were, and also conveniently failed to report that Mr. Coons could not enumerate any of the first amendment’s expressed rights!

We wonder what Mr. Coons' response to this give and take on his patently incorrect understanding of the Constitution would have been if he was asked his opinion on the fact that Islam is being taught in public schools across the country. I'm sure his "liberal" interpretation of the Constitution would accommodate that progressive/socialist trend. As the debate lingered on Mr. Coons could not defend one policy of the democratic party and babbled on about some ludicrous reference to the Australian navy engaging in naval exercises with China! Go figure.

Fundamentally, the 2010 Delaware senatorial election signifies electorate identification more than any other race in the country. Miss O’Donnell’s candidacy represents character, guts, conviction, perseverance and unbridled constitutional beliefs. Mr. Coons’ represents self-serving entitlement and progressive/socialist bureaucratic big government business as usual--Harry Reid lite.

Which one of these people are Delawareans? These are the questions that Delawareans must answer for themselves on November 2, 2010. Who are you?

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Eric Pearson, for U.S. Congress said...

I've been a democrat for over 38 year, and I know the “progressive movement” is the root of all evil in American politics, a “cancer” and a “virus” and a “parasite” that has “infected” both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Deception, corruption, envy, greed, jealously, coercion, thievery and wholesale murder mark the existence of socialism in the world. Socialism in America is represented by the progressives in and out of government, primarily in the Democratic Party but extant in the Republican Party as well, only to a lesser degree. The true “Axis of Evil” in America, that threatens to destroy the most successful system of government in world history are the progressive politicians, public sector unions, and federal bureaucracies.

In other words, for a Progressive it is better to live in safety as a slave than to live in danger with Liberty. Progressives feel they are entitled to all of the best that life has to offer whether or not they contribute to their own success. Progressives are the cancer, the plague that could eventually destroy mankind and any remote concept of Freedom. Not to mention, the world economy and America as we know it.

Thank you, and God Bless our Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.