Friday, September 2, 2011


It’s now official, President Obama, finally settled on a date to unveil his latest, greatest retooled, I mean innovative, proposal to spike employment to a joint session of Congress. The President originally scheduled his address on Sept. 7th, which conflicted with the previously scheduled GOP debate, of which he was aware. After some back and forth between the President and Speaker John Boehner the President moved his joint session address to Thursday, Sept. 8th.

The Sept 7th GOP debate is the maiden one for candidate Rick Perry and, if the President had not changed his joint address, would have forced GOP presidential candidates Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann to choose between the debate and attending the joint session. Also, the scheduling conflict placed Speaker Boehner in the precarious position of choosing between disrupting the GOP debate or asking the President to reschedule his joint address.

Shudder the thought that President Obama was exercising political gamesmanship by originally scheduling his joint session to upstage and disrupt the GOP debate and embarrass Speaker Boehner. Such immature and underhanded tactics would only be undertaken by administrations that encouraged backdoor health care reform deals and CBO arm-twisting. Well, then again.

If only the American economy’s narrative was as robust as the antics of the Obama drama club there wouldn’t be a need to fire up the old Obamanomics teleprompter.

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Always On Watch said...

Obama drama is wearing thin -- even among his staunchest supporters (of which I certainly am not one).