Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The following essay was authored by Steven D. Arecco

I felt compelled to write this after reading so many angry political FB posts. Does this article represent fact or opinion? A better question might be, "does it resonate with me in a positive or negative way?"

To use politics as a reference: Are you left, right, somewhere in between, or even better on a higher plain all together! Ask yourself: “Am I objective, able to separate out my thoughts, feelings and prejudices I have for President Trump, even Hillary, from the actual facts?” I admit I struggled a little with this a year ago but regained my objectivity. Many appear to have not been able to. I can hear most of you saying, “of course I'm totally objective”. Wrong. If hatred, contempt or any other extreme emotion exists, then objectivity will be diminished. Without objectivity, we see what we want to see. We are all human. We convince ourselves that the way we interpret life, and life’s events, are a clear representation of reality. Well they are not.

Was Trump my 1st choice? No way. I never liked his persona in The Apprentice either. But of the two, I easily chose him. Does he say outlandish things sometimes? Yes but I give him a pass for now because he is politically inexperienced and I wanted a businessman to shake things up. Am I correct in doing so? At this point I feel I am, that could change.

We all have layers of filters (biases) that we have unknowingly constructed which skew our perception of reality. Everything we experience must first pass through these filters before we can interpret them. Most don’t know these filters exist in us and in others. As a result, we believe wholeheartedly that our senses; our thoughts and our feelings are a 100% true test for reality. Well they are not. How could they be? But we’ll fight tooth and nail when we believe we are right never realizing how much our biases rule our every thought and belief.

If you are on the extreme left, you probably hate Trump and don’t trust him. So everything he does, or doesn’t do, will be interpreted by you to be negative, even horrific. You may continually ask yourself, "what positive things has he accomplished so far?" This is usually a statement not a question, which is why I never answer this request. If you are more on the right, you will most likely trust Trump and his motives, even though he has only been in office a short time. You will celebrate his accomplishments and also give him a pass when he does or says something deemed by most, to be insensitive. If we like or dislike a person, the actions of the person will be interpreted quite differently. This is basic human nature.

We are mostly all exposed to the same facts, and I use the word facts very loosely because no matter how well informed we think we think we are for the most part we’re not. Yet our interpretations of those facts can be polar opposite.

So who is right and who is wrong? There is no easy answer. If you think your viewpoint is 100% correct and the only way to see a situation. If you have extreme anger or resentment surrounding someone or something and spend each day allowing these negative emotions to hold you hostage this is unhealthy and unproductive for you and everyone you come in contact with.

Until we each probe ourselves, we will never see life and life’s events as clearly as we could. Everything we experience will be tainted in some way by misinterpretation. Until you do a deep dive into yourself your political views, and everything else, can be severely skewed. If you have done this inner work, then your political views would probably not be extreme.

By the way nearly everything is opinion dressed to look like fact.

Steven D. Arecco was born in 1962. He has been considered by most to think and live "outside the box". As such, his journey has taken deeply inward as well as outward. Through his articles and conversations, this is quite evident. Visit his website for more information or contact him directly at

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