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 Guest Author Guidelines

Article Summary: Before submitting a complete article to Political Policy the author must provide a two to three sentence article summary in order to determine if the article’s theme is suitable for publication. The article summary should be submitted to Political Policy at If the article summary is approved the author will be notified to move forward with submitting the complete article for review. All complete article submissions must adhere to the following "Guest Author Guidelines".

1. Political Policy's mission is to advance traditional conservatism and America's First Principles.  It's raison d'être is stated in more detail in the "ABOUT POLITICAL POLICY" tab. Therefore the article's topic, theme and content should be centered on that mission statement.

2. The majority of the articles in Political Policy critique matters of public policy. The article should address public policy in general, but it is not mandatory that the topic be a review of any one specific public policy issue.

3. Political Policy does not accept articles from guest authors that endorses candidates seeking public office. The article may reference a candidate in terms of whether they do or do not support the author's line of reasoning, argument, or premise. But the focus of the article must not be to endorse or derail the candidacy of any person seeking public office.

4. Professionalism: In crafting the article please articulate it in a professional and respectful manner.

5. The completed article must be an original work.

6. Copyright Guidelines: If the article references another writer's work please provide a reference to the original writer within the body of the article and hyperlink to the referenced article. When referencing another writer's work they must be accorded credit from a legal perspective. See “Copyright and Fair Use Considerations” for more information on this topic.

7. Photos and Images: Along with the article the author may submit a photo or image that enhances the article's theme. Please be mindful that photos and images not within the public domain are subject to copyright laws and regulations. If the author decides to submit a photo or image with the article please read “Photos You Can Use On Your Blog Without Breaking the Law…” which provides helpful, practical advice on using photos or images in order to comport with copyright laws.

8. Length: The article, not including the title, must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 800 words.

9. Spell Check and Grammar: Please double check the completed article for spelling and grammar before submitting it for review.

10. Bio: The author must submit with the completed article a short bio. If the article is published the bio will be attached at the end of the article.

13. Final Approval:  article submissions are subject to Political Policy's edits.

12. In adherence with the above guidelines completed articles are to be submitted in a word document to

13. Right of Refusal: If an article summary is approved and the completed article is submitted for review Political Policy still retains the right to refuse to publish the article. If Political Policy refuses to publish the article the author will be notified of this decision.

14. The  “Guest Author Guidelines” are administered solely at the discretion of  the founder and editor of Political Policy and are subject to change.

I appreciate your interest in contributing to Political Policy. If there are any questions please contact Political Policy at


Dennis Gallagher
Founder and editor, Political Policy